Clinic Information

Do I have to live in Alberta?

No. We accept out of province patients and out of country patients as well. Effortless IVF has also launched in Texas and we would encourage USA patients to visit www.effortlessivf.com to learn more.

Is Effortless IVF right for all patients?

No. Effortless IVF is geared towards low to normal responding female patients and is not ideal for couples with severe male factor infertility or who will have high response to gonadotropins. Those couples require Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) and more intensive monitoring than we are equipped to provide.

Can we talk to someone to see if we are good candidate before becoming a patient?

If you have questions about the treatment, you can chat with us via the chat function on the lower righthand side of our website.

Do I have to use my cycle when you open or can I delay it?

Once you pay, you do not have to start on the cycle right away. You may delay until you are ready.

If I book with you will I lose my spot at another centre?

You are free to explore your options at other clinics and it does not affect your spot on the waitlist.


Does my credit card get charged right away?


Do I get a refund if I'm not a candidate after my initial consult?

The $500 intake administration fee is non-refundable.

Can we use prepaid credit cards to purchase?

Our online merchant services provider does accept prepaid cards, however the limit on prepaid cards is $500.

Do you accept other forms of payment (other than a credit card)?

Online payment is by credit card only. In the clinic we accept debit, credit card and cash.

Do you provide financing?

No, but there are medical financing companies available in Canada.

Does payment have to be online?

No, you may also pay in person at the clinic.

Fertilization Process

Can I use donor sperm and should it be washed or unwashed?

Yes. It can be either washed or unwashed.

We have antisperm antibodies and were told intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) is our next step do we qualify?

Antisperm antibodies are an indication for ICSI and that is the normal course of treatment. While we are not offering ICSI, we will be utilizing a technique developed in the 1990’s prior to the introduction of ICSI called a ‘trypsin wash’. Trypsin is a protease that can strip off the antibodies, freeing the sperm and allowing fertilization to occur.

I have very low sperm count do we qualify?

We only need about 30,000 swimming sperm. However we like to see 1,000,000 post wash, which means 2,000,000 prewash. Bottom line is if you are producing thousands of sperm our approach likely is not for you however if you produce a million or more motile sperm vaginal culture could be a viable option for you.

I have been told I have poor sperm morphology (low normal forms) do we qualify?


Percutaneous epididymal sperm aspiration (PESA) - Testicular sperm aspiration (TESA) is something we need, do you offer this at your clinic?

No, because those patients will almost always need ICSI as part of their care and because we do not provide ICSI we do not offer sperm retrieval at Effortless IVF.

Do you do cycles using egg donation

No, but after we open we will broaden our service offering to include egg donation.

How many embryos will you transfer?

Almost always 1 or 2, rarely 3.

How many days are required in Calgary for a cycle of Effortless IVF?

It is reasonable to assume 3-4 visits totalling about 5-10 days in Calgary. Briefly following an initial dialogue on our communication platform there is the first consult and cycle start visits. Then on day 10 we have a single ultrasound, which will always be on a Monday. Assuming follicles are of sufficient size we will trigger that day (or will coast your cycle for 1 or perhaps 2 more days). Retrieval will be on a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday and five days later (incubation) on the following Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday you will have embryos transferred. After embryo transfer you can return home and perform pregnancy tests to see if the cycle was successful.

Medical Information

What is the age limit of female patients?

Age is just a number. What is more important is where you are in your fertility life cycle. Your chances of success in our program are based on your hormone levels such as FSH and LH. We will also access a hormone called anti Mullerian hormone which helps us understand your egg quality. Your welcome to book your initial consult with our physician.

Is there a body mass index (BMI)?

Ideally your BMI is 36 or less.

Are you able to help patients with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)?

No. Unfortunately PCOS patients require more intensive monitoring and a stimulation protocol that we do not currently provide but we can certainly help with referral to our partner IVF centre.

Will I have to redo all the testing I have done with another clinic?

No. Fortunately we can access those records with your consent. We will then issue requisitions for missing testing. Depending on your age re testing may be needed within 6 months to 1 year of original testing.

Can same sex couples participate?

Yes. At the moment we are restricting it to female – female couples that use donor sperm and the patient supplying the egg will be the intended mother. Put another way we cannot do gestational carrier cycles or donor egg cycles at this time. We will offer those services with our partner IVF centre in the near future.

How do you define normal responding patients?

AMH level below 3.4 (ng/mL).

AMH is also reported in units of pmol/L. To convert pmol/L to ng/mL simply divide your result by 7.14

What is the charge for cryopreservation of incremental embryos and can I use them later?

The cost is $750. Yes, in a frozen embryo transfer cycle you can use them. Cycle fee will apply.

Do you offer intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) at your clinic?


Do you do preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD)?


Will you be able to accept patients with Endometriosis?


Risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS)

Our fixed dose minimal stimulation protocol reduces the risk of OHSS however the risk remains for all patients whether in our system or traditional IVF. With our reduced monitoring women with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and high antral follicle counts (AFC) are at much higher risk for this than the average IVF patient which is why we limit inclusion of these patients.

What drugs do you use when I am on cycle?

Your cycle medications are: Lupron, gonadotropins, Marvelon (birth control).

Do you offer Augment*?


*treatment that is specifically designed to improve a patient’s egg health

We have gone through intrauterine inseminations and/or IVF with or without ICSI would we be good candidates?

Yes, assuming the ICSI was not for severe male factor (i.e. you only produce thousands of motile sperm).

Do you use needles?

We likely will use needles for injection, however our team will provide injection teaching.

When do you perform the ultrasound when I am on cycle is there blood work?

We perform a baseline ultrasound on Day 3 (Friday) and a stimulation Day 10 scan (Monday). There is no blood work required during treatment.

If I produce more than 10 eggs what happens to them?

We can discard the least mature or alternatively we can freeze them for future use. However freezing will carry an additional cost.

If I have low ovarian reserves and IVF is my next step is this an option for me?

Yes. Often clinics have a threshold of a minimum number of eggs required to go to retrieval. We do not have a threshold and will go to retrieval on 1 egg and up.

Is testing covered by Alberta Health?

Investigative testing may be covered by your provincial health system. Once diagnosis has been reached Alberta Health may no longer cover the costs of some testing.


You say the success rate for vaginal culture is similar to traditional IVF what is that based on and what is your success rate?

In our study in the Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics we compared vaginal culture to traditional IVF incubation and we found similar success rates for both.

What happens to my extra embryos that are not transferred?

We freeze them for future cycles called Frozen Embryo Transfers.

Do you accept patients who need gestational carriers?


Will Effortless IVF always produce an embryo?

No, just like traditional IVF there is no guarantee fertilization will occur.

Is there a risk of multiple births?

Yes. Like traditional IVF, vaginal culture also carries that risk as a single embryo can split into two and two transferred embryos can implant.

If I start a cycle and I don’t produce any eggs will I receive a refund?

If we go to retrieval and there is no fertilization a small refund will be provided.

How do I book an orientation?

Once you have been approved for our program by the physician, you are to speak to the nurse and book an orientation appointment with reception. Orientation appointments are mandatory and must be with both parties (if applicable) present in the clinic.