Intake Administration


The $500 intake administration fee is non-refundable after initial physician consult is delivered. The intake administration fee is not included in the full cost per cycle of $6,500 (which includes cycle medication) should you elect to move forward with treatment. A partial refund of $250 will be provided if you choose to not move forward with your initial physician consult but have not completed the intake and workup process with our nursing team. A full refund, less $50 processing fee, will be provided if payment is made and no administrative work is completed. Refunds for online payments are processed by cheque within 7 business days.


Effortless IVF Cycle (includes orientation and cycle medication)


Frozen Embryo Cycle (CPER) excludes medication


Anti Mullerine Hormone Test


Harmony Test


Out of Country

Additional fees may apply.

Egg Cycle (includes medication cryopreservation of eggs and first year storage)



Sperm Freeze Orientation


Semen Profile


Elective Sperm Freeze


Semen Profile – Retrograde


Antisperm Antibody Testing


Annual Cryopreservation Storage



Fees are due at time of service

Fees are due at time of service. Some fees may be subject to refund as per Effortless IVF policy if cycles are cancelled for medically necessary reasons. If there is a discrepancy between fees listed on this website and our point of sale system at Effortless IVF the internal system will be deemed correct. Refunds for payments made directly at Effortless IVF will be processed either by refund on our Point of Sale System or by cheque depending on how payment was collected.