Satellite Monitoring

Effortless IVF is happy to provide you with your monitoring needs. Mentioned below is what you need to know about the services we can provide.

2500.00 is to be paid by the intended parent once a referral for satellite monitoring is received and a consent of understanding is to be signed.

What your 2500.00 includes:

Converted and organized ultrasounds per your IVF treatment center's orders.
Blood work can be booked in the clinic or requisitions filled out and provided upon patient request.

If weekends are required the on-call nurse will be able to fax reports to the referring facility. The clinic is not open for business on holidays, some requested tests may need to be moved to accommodate.

Effortless IVF does NOT monitor patients through pregnancies. Once the 7 weeks ultrasound is completed you will be discharged from our clinic